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``We get one shot at this thing called life, I believe the most honorable thing each of us can do is chase our dreams with all our heart`` -Austin Brinker

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Hi, my name is Austin Brinker.

I'm a husband to the most amazing girl in the world, father of 2 great puppies 🙂 Air Force Veteran and an internet entrepreneur.

In 2012 I caught a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and creating a lifestyle for myself and my family that we dreamed about. Having zero experience in marketing, and a negative mindset, I failed miserably for the first 4 years of trying to create an online business and at one point found myself over $50,000 in debt and spending 18 months away from my beautiful wife... That was my rock bottom.

Call it fortune, call it luck - I call it a blessing, I found a mentor who showed me what I was missing and what I was doing wrong. I wasn't anybody special but I was smart enough to listen and apply what I was learning - I developed a rock solid mindset and the marketing skills to go with it.

Since then, by doing certain things in a certain way, I was able to raise myself from failure to success in internet marketing and dig my family out of the financial debt.

For the last 5 years I have committed to literally thousands of hours of personal development and learning the ins and outs of internet marketing, so that I could put myself in a position to show people how to create real and lasting breakthrough in their business, marketing, income, and life.

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